Laycon’s Message After Being Gifted Mercedez Benz On His 27th Birthday

Laycon’s Message After Being Gifted Mercedez Benz On His 27th Birthday.

BBNaija Season 5 Winner, Laycon Celebrated His 27th birthday yesterday and was given: Mercedez Benz E350 allegedly worth 18million Naira and a Studio by Icons.

“Icon” is a term used for any Laycon supporter. Yesterday was a memorable day for him again as a lot of high class individuals came to celebrate birthday with him. Also as OPPO Mobile Ambassador, he didn’t fail to show is OPPO A93 to the world.

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In his message today, in quote, he wrote:

“Yesterday was 8/11, the day of my birth and iCONs did what I personally consider the unimaginable. 

Exactly 6 weeks (to the day) after giving me a dream of winning a competition I did not even think I stood a chance at, you decided that that was not enough and went further to shower me with the kind of love that it is hard to comprehend.

From 10pm on the eve of my birthday, the love has not stopped. From my waking moment yesterday, till I laid my head to sleep, it has all been a dream. Thank you for this unearned love.

Words fail me to express how deeply moved, humbled and grateful I am for your kind words, your prayers, your presence and your gifts. I mean, in the space of 6 weeks, you have gifted me two luxury vehicles! Laycon, now has a Benz!!!

I don’t know how to thank you other than to assure you that I will strive to make you all proud. We will grow together. We will all make it together. You will make it and succeed in life.

May God bless you and replenish your sources. May God keep you all in good and sound health and give you peace. 

Thank you so much. I love you all deeply”

Check the Laycon’s 27th Birthday Gift: Mercedes Benz Pictures below 


Laycon's Mercedes Benz (Birthday Gift)
Laycon’s Mercedes Benz (27th Birthday Gift)

Laycon's Mercedes Benz (Birthday Gift)



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