Eva Alordiah Goes Braless and flashes N*pples


Eva Alordiah Goes Braless, flashes N*pples and Expresses Her Distaste For Bra

Rapper Eva Alordiah has gotten some men aroused with her crazy sexy picture showing her n*pples which she captioned with a post stating that she doesn’t like to wear bras.

The rapper also wondered what men find arousing about n*pples that makes them go crazy.

According to her, she only wears bras just to prevent men from “going crazy over the nipples.”

Eva Alordiah

She wrote: “Nipsey Hustling. I don’t like bras. Generally I just think Bras are so uncomfortable. For me. And I am not the only woman who feels this way.

She added: “Can someone, a man, please explain to me what it is about the nipples that make them such a crave and a catalyst for sexual arousal? I can hardly understand it.

“When I wear a Bra, I do it for you. To help you help yourself from going crazy over nipples. When I don’t wear a bra, I do it for me. To help me help myself fucking breathe.”