2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 3

2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 3. 

  • Despite The First Eviction Tension From Week 2, BBNaija Lockdown Week 3 Began With A New Brief & Mission From The Big Brother To The Housemates. The current HOH Lucy read the information to her fellow housemates which clearly stated that they have to live and dress in the 80s and 90s even their Arena game on Thursday has to be a classic romantic storyline in the 80s and 90s and Big Brother hope they would be able to redeem their images for the third week after failing Week 1 and 2 Wagers. 
  • Let’s Not Forget The Love Triangle Scenario That Happened Among These Three HMs, Laycon, Kiddwaya and Erica. On Sunday Night right after eviction, Laycon Expressed His Feelings to Erica but in return, Kiddwaya spent a night on Erica’s Bed (02:50hrs) from their moment that transpired from the lounge to the room where Erica was seeing moaning under the Duvet with Billionaire’s son, Kiddwaya


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  • The HOH Game started on a tense note as usual as all HMs wants to get the immunity for a week to avoid being on eviction list. Ozo was the lucky winner of HOH game and chose his favorite in the house, Dorathy as his Deputy HOH. Ozo also became the first male HM to win the HOH game and promised to perform his duties even better than his predecessors.

On Tuesday morning, a special task came from the big brother in which they have to divide into four groups to create an advertisement for flutterwave with a special reward to the winner of that particular task. Team 1 (Neo, Ozo, Vee and Eric) and Team 3 (Kiddwaya, Eric, BrightO and Tolanibaj) emerged as winners. They left the arena and another message came after a while that Team 1 and Team 2 had to perform again but this time around with much creativity and longer time (5 minutes). Both team performed extremely well but Team 3 Won The Challenge / Presentation.

 A whole lot of drama occurred after then with the relationship crews and female HMs in a lot of drama which involved Laycon vs Erica, Wathoni vs Vee, Ozo vs Nengi, Prince vs Nengi / TolaniBaj / Wathoni.

On 5th day of August,Wednesday morning, the day wasn’t so bright for some HMs like BrightO as they ignored the morning workout. The task for the day came from Dulux Design Challenge with special instructions to divide into two groups and each group to creatively design and make the presentation of Dulux product in their designed office.

After much review, Biggie pronounced Team B (Kiddwaya, Erica, BrightO, Dorathy, Lucy, Nengi, Trickytee) as the winner with 89% and Team A came short with 83%. Team B was awarded #2 Million Naira and Dulux paint. Afterward, all HMs resumed preparation for their wager tomorrow.

On Thursday 6th, It’s the Wager Day Which is a must win for them considering they have won none of the previous 2 wagers. They started the day with their performance rehearsal followed by Diary Session by Biggie which got Lucy emotional and even demanded for specialist to talk to her.

They performed their wager task successfully which got Biggie applauded Prince and Dorathy for spectacular acts. Finally, they won the wager for the first time in BBNaija Lockdown under HOH, Ozo and deputy, Dorathy. Their BB wallet was doubled and reached a total of 2180.

After this win, as usual, the garden was opened and they all enjoyed the Guinness Smooth and Orijin Drinks with a lot of drama afterwards. Here are the highlights of drama that were unfold: Laycon got too emotional when Kiddwaya gave a deep kiss to Erica in the gathering of other fellow HMs because of his affection for Erica; Ozo and Nengi reunited and had a special heart to heart talk that took them hours; Prince and TolaniBaj almost becoming the new ship in the house. Let’s us not forget, Praise also gave a very good advice to Laycon concerning Erica. Day Over!

On the 7th, Friday morning, the first major highlight was the drama between Erica and Laycon again as he cleared the air that they should both move on and forget the whole affection he is having towards her. The Big Brother continued with the diary session for the remaining HMs.

In the Evening, they all went for the Friday Arena game and it seems HOH Ozo is in the week of victory as he won the Friday Arena game again. He has to be pampered by the fellow HMs till next game. As usual among this BBNaija Lockdown Housemates, the relationship drama continued even after the game before they went to bed.

It’s 8th August and it’s the Saturday Party again but right before party there came a task from one of their sponsors, Patricia. Patricia is all about Bitcoin Transactions. The HMs were grouped into 6 groups and the main purpose of the tasks is to enlighten the audience on Cryptocurrency as they were engaged in crypto-related questions. It was all fun.

At 10pm, party began with DJ Consequence on the deck and Ladipoe as the guest artist. The Party was lit and wild with so many thrilling actions and dance steps on the dance floor. Vee, Wathoni, Dorathy and TolaniBaj got over their beef/bed issues with the help of Prince.

Erica got drunk again which got her a cozy dance with her rejected man, Laycon. In a statement made by Laycon and confirmed by Praise, he tried all his best to avoid any kiss from Erica. Moreover, with the help of TolaniBaj, Lucy and Dorathy, he also prevented Kiddwaya from taking advantage of Erica overnight.

For the second time in BBNaija Lockdown Party, Laycon’s song “Fierce” featuring Reminisce & Chinko Ekun was played and all HMs were in a frenzy mood to hear Laycon on the speakers again. Night Out!

It’s Sunday 9th August, It’s Week 3 but second Eviction Day in BBNaija Lockdown 2020!

The morning began with the hairstyling activities as they get ready for Live Eviction Show. Ebuka announced the bottom four as usual and they were Eric, Trikytee, Kaisha and Tochi but Eric and Tochi were voted out by the remaining HMs. Right after Ebuka shook the table, Lucy and Nengi engaged in a very fierce fight again, Laycon thrashed things out with Erica, Neo and Vee trying to sort things out and that was all for the day.


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